Project Viper

A genetically altered killer meets his match - a bombed out planet and a family he must protect if he ever wants to get back into space again.

Viper's one goal is to get off the desert asteroid he calls prison. He escapes, only to crash-land on a planet surface-bombed twenty years earlier by his very creators.  Blind to right and wrong, he searches for a way to get back into space, and into the war.  Working for a local crime lord or fighting against him, he faces his greatest challenge yet - the challenge to choose between right and wrong.

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Chapter 1

 “Vital signs are returning, doctor!” 

Alarm coursed through the other doctors, halting them in the middle of their procedure.

“Is he getting the sedative?”  The head surgeon asked, checking their patient’s monitor.  The large screen displayed a current, multi-level scan of the patient, and listed all his major vital functions.  A warning siren confirmed their fears.  Bright colors representing different neural activities moved erratically on the three-dimensional scan.  

“He’s fighting it,” the surgeon paused, mind racing, knowing the implications.

The other doctors froze, glancing around the operating room, dimly lit with blue-lights.   They saw their Project’s vital functions increasing, showing all the symptoms of the sedative wearing off, when in fact he fought an entire dose.

“We need to get him out of here,” the head surgeon whispered, turning around.

The doctors stared back at him, rooted to the spot.  Restrained on the operating table, Project Viper flinched.

“Get him out of here!”  The head surgeon yelled, breaking their trance.  “Go!  Go!  Call the E-Vac and get it ready.  Clear out!”

The doctors snapped into action, withdrawing several needles from the Project, shutting off the scanning equipment, and rushing Viper’s trolley down the hall to the waiting E-Vac.

Inside Project Viper, the darkness slowly transformed into consciousness as his brain activity increased.

Where am I?   He asked himself, knowing he wasn’t at his base. 

Recent conversations of the doctors ran through his consciousness.  What did you do to me?! 

Viper fought it harder, his animal instinct knowing something was not right. 

I need to wake up.  I need to see where I am!!!  I just need one glimpse! 

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